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VSL offers a range of flexible services, specializing in Residential, Commercial, Events, Private and Mobile security, and well as Loss Prevention. Our team strives to safeguard against any and all threats. 

Vigilant Security Officers have dedicated themselves to developing a strong understanding of strata by-laws, specific residential building regulations, and proper emergency protocol. Our commercial security services include on-and off-site surveillance to protect against unwanted trespassing. Loss prevention is one of our highest priorities: It is crucial to choose a Security Service that offers effective options including Suited, Uniformed, and Undercover Loss Prevention Officers. 

We offer the added security of patrol vehicle monitoring, performing perimeter checks and responding to alarms and surveillance requests as needed.

social distancing

The coronavirus pandemicpandemic
➤ (n) an epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world
➤ (s) epidemic over a wide geographical area
➤ (s) existing everywhere
has altered the traditional role of the security guard. Prior to COVID-19, the focus for retail guards was aimed at theft prevention and employee safety. Professional security guards are now being asked to embrace

shopping centre

Shopping centres require an effective security plan to ensure the safety of shoppers, employees, and assets within. The role of Vigilant Security Ltd. is to provide an excellent standard of safety and security for tenants and patrons........


Vigilant is a proud member of Mt. Pleasant Business Association. Founded in 1989, the MPBIA has successfully organized and financed a collection of initiatives and programs. Vigilant Security Ltd. provides..........

mobile security

As a part of our security model, we provide comprehensive mobile patrol and security response services. We customize our services to your needs and provide a flexible, effective security solution.
Our services include:

loss prevention

Officers are BST/AST certified professionals. Each has taken the mandatory training required to be eligible for provincial licensing. All members of the Vigilant team are equipped with the necessary skills to ensure the safety and protection of our clients.

private security

For security situations that require a higher level of confidentiality and discretion, our licensed security guards in Metro Vancouver are available 24/7. Our team works hand in hand with you and your event planner to create a strategy for safety and peace of mind.

commercial property & CONCIERGE

Do you have the right security team and plan in place for your business? In today’s wildly evolving and extra connected world, each and every potential security threat requires an adequately trained security team. There are many different types of security systems that can..........

residential properties

The safety of your premises is our top priority. Vigilant provides professional services to protect against theft, intruders, and vandalism, ensuring that both the building and the residents who live there are protected......

event security

Vigilant Security Ltd understands the need for short-term services, whether it’s an emergency or planned event. We are able to quickly and efficiently manage the security requirements of your event and the staffing needs of your facility...........


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