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Vigilant Security Ltd. is an affordable and reliable private security company, providing elite security services to Metro Vancouver, BC. All Vigilant Security Officers are BST/AST certified professionals.

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Vigilant Security Ltd. is proud to represent our name in everything we do. We understand that nothing matters more than a true feeling of safety, and our team excels in safety and customer service. As one of the fastest growing Canadian security companies, we provide security solutions for clients of every size and industry. We understand the importance of security at a location such as yours and we would like to be the one to provide you with the protection you need.

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Vigilant Security Ltd. is an affordable and reliable private security company, providing elite security services to Metro Vancouver, BC. All Vigilant Security Officers are BST/AST certified professionals. Each has taken the mandatory training required to be eligible for provincial licensing. All members of the Vigilant team are equipped with the necessary skills to ensure the safety and protection of our clients.

Officers possess valuable and comprehensive knowledge acquired through years of hands-on experience in the industry, in addition to demanding professional training and deployment. At Vigilant, we recognize that safety and customer service are non-negotiable. Our Officers understand the need for complete dedication and are committed to outstanding workmanship in every situation

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Vigilant is a proud member of Mt. Pleasant Business Association. Founded in 1989, the MPBIA has successfully organized and financed a collection of initiatives and programs. Vigilant Security Ltd. provides..........

mobile security

As a part of our security model, we provide comprehensive mobile patrol and security response services. We customize our services to your needs and provide a flexible, effective security solution.
Our services include:

social distancing

The coronavirus pandemicpandemic
➤ (n) an epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world
➤ (s) epidemic over a wide geographical area
➤ (s) existing everywhere
has altered the traditional role of the security guard. Prior to COVID-19, the focus for retail guards was aimed at theft prevention and employee safety. Professional security guards are now being asked to embrace

all the tools you need to succeed

Being Vigilant

The protection of your premises is our top priority. Vigilant provides professional services to safeguard against theft, intruders, and vandalism, ensuring that both the building and the residents who live there are safe and secure. Our team is able to ensure you have real-time surveillance of potential security risks to maintain the safety of site, people, and assets. We formulate tried and true plans for integrated security programs to ensure the most savvy and reputable levels of protection and privacy.

Being Safe

Vigilant Security is your source for expertly trained, professional, experienced security guards and agents. We have modified our security service offerings to reflect our response to the COVID-19 and are able to offer true expertise alongside these additional safety measures. Our integrated security approach means that your building—whether it is a family home, condominium or in-progress housing project—will be safe from unwanted trespassing.For consistent, effective and efficient private security services in Vancouver, Vigilant is your best option.


we were approached by Alternative pride festival in May 2019 regarding event security and personal protection for their line-up of musical artists. Vigilant Security Ltd. was outstanding. They were professional at every turn, courteous to our guests and staff and dealt with any incidents swiftly and without issue. Amazing, reliable and a credit to the industry.

Paul wong

Alternative Pride Festival

To date I have found all of Vigilant Security guards to be on time and willing to start work early, helpful, courteous, polite, and honest and takes pride in their duties at the Mall and I would highly recommend them in any capacity as security. I must add that in the last 20 years Kingsgate Mall has never had a security company that is so dedicated to making Kingsgate Mall a better community shopping experience​.



Great security company with security guards who understand how your business runs and how they can complement your business. Security guards who establish themselves as a presence and a very speedy response time dealing with all issues. Would recommend Vigilant Security for any large business.



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